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View Lazy Loaded Functions

To create an O(1) framework, Qwik utilizes lazy loading to request script and styling only at the the time of interaction. OverCrank captures the serrialized data and displays the function to the developer.

OverCrank example usage
Qwik Graph View

Understand Qwik's representation of your application

The easy design experience is great for developers but abstracts away operations that inhibits adoption. Use the "Viewer" tab to see a vizualized representation of your application.


Elements View

Walk through the hierarchitcal structure of your DOM using a Tree Viewer for easy viewability

Lazy Loaded Functions

See operations as they are fetched into the DOM

State Viewer Panel

Keep track of which elements on the page have been loaded by the qwik engine

Real Time Function Fetch Stats

View time and size metrics for each lazy loaded operation

Graphical Display

Capture a representation of all qwik elements and their situation with respect to the current state

Searchable Elements

Search through all loaded elements to find data of interest

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